2 common problems for the novice blogger
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2 common problems for the novice blogger

November 8, 2014

Before you set up a blog, you should be aware there are a few problems commonly associated with new websites. Once your blog is ready, you should be able to successfully deal with them.

  1. Low Traffic

The most common blogging problem, the one the novice blogger faces from the very beginning and, unarguably, the most serious. You cannot sustain a blog without generating traffic.

What you have to do is think of ways to attract visitors, preferably before you launch your blog. Identify your target audience, accumulate and evaluate your sources, provide original material.

After you have set up your blog, you can increase inbound traffic by promoting your blog by writing guest posts for other affiliated blogs or utilizing the social media to expose and advertise your blog.

  1. No comments from readers

Another significant problem you may face is the fact that you get visitors but they do not spark a discussion. Intense, frequent discussion is pivotal for a blog’s growth and success. This interactive aspect is what makes blogs unique; is what distinguishes blogs from other types of informational/entertainment websites. So why set up a blog if your posts do not get the attention or feedback you hoped for?

An effective way to deal with it is to, for once more, visit other affiliated blogs and leave your own comments on their posts. Craft your comments in such a way that the blog’s readers will appreciate them:  provide them with interesting insights, thought-provoking information and employ witty humor. You want to compel them to visit your blog so avoid generic comments; add something new to the discussion.

You should also not forget to respond to the comments that you get. That way you not only show your appreciation to your readers’ contribution but also invite them to prolong the discussion by counter replying.

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