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10 AdSense Tips to Increase Earnings

September 2, 2015

AdSense Tips can be very useful increasing your revenue when your blog provides high-quality content that fulfill people`s needs. Basically, if you have established yourself in your niche, if your blog is an avenue on the blogosphere, where people are coming and going, generating lots of traffic, you should sign up for AdSense program, in case you haven`t already done it.

AdSense will deliver relevant ads that are targeted to the content of your blog, ads that your readers may be interested in. So, here are some AdSense tips that you might find useful and which will help you achieving the best optimization for your AdSense ads.

AdSense Tip nr.1 – Find your keywords

Before considering ads on a web page, you should check the page keyword density. You can do this with a free and advances tool, called SEO Density Analyzer, available online here:

Once identified the most important keywords, copy them to a text file.

AdSense Tip nr.2 – Improve your keywords

If you`re not happy with your current key words, improve them, and your ad relevance with them, using keyword suggestions from Overture Search Inventory and Sandbox.

They are available here:

Save the suggestions to [blog name]-adsense-suggestions.txt

AdSense Tip nr.3 – Keep your blog focused on a theme

Establishing yourself as a voice on a particular niche means that you already have a theme-based content. Using the keyword suggestions will work furthermore in this direction. The content-rich blogs will attract more ads. This is why AdSense tips are proven to be so useful.


AdSense Tip nr.4 – Write a new page every day

There is no point using AdSense tips if you don`t increase your blog content daily. The more content you provide, the more visitors you will have. Try using AdSense unit on every page of your blog.

AdSense Tip nr.5 – Choose the right AdSense format

The top three AdSense tips about AdSense formats are:

  1. 336×280 large rectangle
  2. 300×250 medium rectangle
  3. 160×600 wide skyscraperRegarding the color of ads, AdSense tips recommend the using of the same color scheme and style of the blog, so they can match perfectly together. Ads without background color and borders work better. As for the position of the ads, try to place them in a prominent place around the top/left part of your blog page, just under the headlines. That is the place where usually visitors tend to look at first. If you have a lot of content on a page, try to use multiple AdSense units. They will make it easier for the user to refine the things they are interested in. Keep in mind that you are limited to three AdSense units on a page, two search boxes and one unit of ad link. If you use Google AdSense Preview Tool, you will be able to see what ads Google will provide for your blog. This tool is available only for Internet Explorer 6.0 and it allows you to click on the advertiser sites without generating invalid clicks. Also, you can easily ass their URLs to your URL filter list.
  4. AdSense Tip nr.10 – What not to do
  5. AdSense Tip nr.9 – Preview Google ads
  6. AdSense Tip nr.8 – Increase the number of ads, but keep it reasonable
  7. AdSense Tip nr.7 – Position tips
  8. AdSense Tip nr.6 – Color tips
  • No matter how temped you are, don`t click on your own ads. It`s useless.
  • Don`t ask your friends to click on your Google ads.
  • Don`t change AdSense code manually
  • Don`t place Google ads on sites providing xxx content
  • Don`t employ cloaking, hidden text or farm links
  • Don`t use AdSense ads and similar ads on the same page

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